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Here’s How It Works

Step 1

We’ll give you a personal productivity assessment to learn more about you, your productivity challenges, and how you work. It’s easy – you can do it online in less than 15 minutes.

Step 2

We’ll set up a personalized coaching plan just for you that lays out the path to reaching your goals, based on the coaching package you’ve chosen.

Step 3

We’ll get started and set up goals and deadlines to help you see progress as we go along.

Step 4

We’ll start coaching, you’ll make a new friend, and you’ll start seeing some crazy awesome results.

Let me guess.. you’re probably thinking “That sounds like a great plan, and I do like that list. But what are we going to talk about and what will I learn?”


Well, here’s one more list for you.

When you sign up for coaching, we’ll send you our coaching curriculum and go through it with you step by step. We’ll show you how to apply these areas to your life to help you reach your goals and make every moment count for something great. You’ll learn…

  1. Your personal productivity style
  2. Defining the person you want to be
  3. What are your priorities
  4. How you work
  5. Defining Your Next Quarter Goals/Next Steps
  6. Creating Your Productivity System
  7. Tracking Your Progress
  8. Prioritizing
  9. Best Time Management Principles For Your Life
  10. Work Life Integration In Your Life
  11. Focus and Concentrate
  12. Productive Relaxation
  13. Keep Learning (Read Faster, Remember More)
  14. How To Learn More About Productivity

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Okay, okay… You’ve got one more question. “But wait… how much does it cost?”


Weekly Coaching

One hour, once a week
$400per month

Biweekly Coaching

One hour, once every other week
$250per month

Monthly Coaching

One hour, once a month
$150per month

Custom Coaching

Whatever You Want

**If you’re getting a non-custom package, we do require a 3 month minimum. Makes sense, right? You wouldn’t join a gym and then quit after a week, right? No. Of course you wouldn’t. You’re not that kind of person.

**If you’re not satisfied with your coaching and don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, we’ll give you your money back. We’re not worried about getting rich quick from your money… we just want to help you make every minute count for something great. If you don’t think we’re helping you do that, then we don’t want to waste any more of your minutes!